Maui | Ka’anapali with kids

We headed to Maui to kick off summer vacation. Gorgeous weather, so much swimming, a 5:30am beach walk because the kids were too excited to sleep, free volleyball finding, parrot holding kind of vacation. A shave ice, boat ride to the best snorkeling spots with sea turtles, cleaning up Holly barf in the car to get to remote bamboo forests and waterfalls kind of vacation. A burritos at sunset on the beach, night swimming at the resort splashing in moon pools, starlight “magic” (little blue glowing dots found in the sand at night) hunting on the beach that I remember from childhood, pineapple eating, mango picking, trespass hiking, blow hole watching kind of wonderful, beautiful Hawaiian vacation.

We stayed at the Westin (thanks to my generous Mother for allowing us to use her points) at Ka’anapali, and I 100% recommend it as one of the best places in Hawaii to stay with kids right on the beach. Safe waters steps from your hotel, beautiful beach, incredible pools/watersides. If you’re visiting Maui, check out Aloha Mixed Plate for dinner, Ululani’s for shave ice, and Ono Tacos togo for the perfect beach picnic. We also had a great and personal experience on our boat/snorkeling trip to Molokini with Sail Trilogy. Aloha!

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maui_with_kids001 maui_with_kids002 maui_with_kids003 maui_with_kids004 maui_with_kids005 maui_with_kids006 maui_with_kids007 maui_with_kids008 maui_with_kids0106 maui_with_kids013 maui_with_kids014 maui_with_kids015 maui_with_kids016 maui_with_kids017 maui_with_kids018 maui_with_kids019 maui_with_kids020 maui_with_kids021 maui_with_kids022 maui_with_kids023 maui_with_kids024 maui_with_kids025 maui_with_kids026 maui_with_kids027 maui_with_kids028 maui_with_kids029 maui_with_kids030 maui_with_kids031 maui_with_kids032 maui_with_kids033 maui_with_kids034 maui_with_kids035 maui_with_kids036 maui_with_kids037 maui_with_kids038 maui_with_kids039 maui_with_kids040 maui_with_kids041 maui_with_kids042 maui_with_kids043 maui_with_kids044 maui_with_kids045 maui_with_kids046 maui_with_kids047 maui_with_kids048 maui_with_kids049 maui_with_kids050 maui_with_kids052 maui_with_kids053 maui_with_kids054 maui_with_kids055 maui_with_kids0574 maui_with_kids060 maui_with_kids06135 maui_with_kids065 maui_with_kids066 maui_with_kids067 maui_with_kids068 maui_with_kids069 maui_with_kids070 maui_with_kids071 maui_with_kids072 maui_with_kids073 maui_with_kids074 maui_with_kids075 maui_with_kids076 maui_with_kids077 maui_with_kids078 maui_with_kids079 maui_with_kids080 maui_with_kids081 maui_with_kids082 maui_with_kids083 maui_with_kids084 maui_with_kids085 maui_with_kids087 maui_with_kids089 maui_with_kids090 maui_with_kids091 maui_with_kids093 maui_with_kids09412 maui_with_kids096 maui_with_kids097 maui_with_kids098 maui_with_kids099 maui_with_kids100 maui_with_kids101 maui_with_kids102 maui_with_kids103 maui_with_kids104 maui_with_kids105 maui_with_kids106 maui_with_kids107 maui_with_kids108 maui_with_kids109 maui_with_kids110 maui_with_kids1110001-Export-06 maui_with_kids112 maui_with_kids113 maui_with_kids114 maui_with_kids115 maui_with_kids116 maui_with_kids117 maui_with_kids118 maui_with_kids119 maui_with_kids120 maui_with_kids121 maui_with_kids122 maui_with_kids123


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  1. Mandi says:

    Oh my goodness! It looks like you guys had a blast!! We are going to Maui in the Fall and this makes me even more excited!! Thank you for sharing- I’m going to keep this tabbed so I remember places to check out while we are there!!

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